Ann Coulter Just Unleashed Jeff Sessions’ WORST Nightmare

Ann Coulter Just Unleashed Jeff Sessions’ WORST Nightmare

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Best-selling author Ann Coulter came out swinging at Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday regarding The State of the Union address taking place Tuesday night.Recently, Democrats have decided that they will be bringing DACA recipients or other illegal immigrants to the address in order to protest President Trump.

Coulter says Sessions should be ready to arrest them on sight.

“I’ve also heard they’re planning on inviting illegal aliens. So, Jeff Sessions better be ready to arrest all of them for conspiring to commit a crime, which I believe is a felony under federal law in all 50 states, even if the crime itself is not a felony.”

Coulter made the comments in an interview with Howie Carr, a conservative talk radio host. She also pushed that not only should the illegal aliens be arrested, but so should the politicians bringing them to the address.

“Jeff Sessions should have them all arrested and I mean the congressmen.”Trump has also responded to the announcement by Democrats by announcing his intention to bring Evelyn Rodriguez to the address. Rodriguez’ 16-year-old daughter, Kayla Cuevas, was murdered by MS-13 gang members.

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Erstwhile staunch Donald Trump booster Ann Coulter indicated on Sunday that she was poised to give up her support for the president, even before The Washington Post reported that he had leaked classified information to Russian officials.

“I think everyone who voted for him knew his personality was grotesque, it was the issues,” she told The Daily Caller.

Now, making an argument about the issues is more difficult: “Boy, things don’t look good,” she said.

“I’m not very happy with what has happened so far,” Coulter said. “I guess we have to try to push him to keep his promises. But this isn’t North Korea, and if he doesn’t keep his promises I’m out.”

“Where is the great negotiation?” she asked. “That budget the Republicans pushed through was like a practical joke. … Did we win anything?”

She even called developments in the administration a “disaster so far.”Coulter said she is particularly disappointed about lack of progress on building a wall along the Mexican border and suggested people send bricks to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

And she said she has long opposed the president hiring his daughter and her husband.

“Americans don’t like that, I don’t like that,” she said. “That’s the one fascist thing he’s done. Hiring his kids.”

Coulter said being on the Trump ride is like being told you have six days to make it from Chicago to Los Angeles, only to spend the first three days heading toward New York.

“He can still turn around and get us to L.A. in three days, but I’m a little nervous,” she said, adding that she’s still pushing for him to be able to get on a course that makes sense.

“Again, I’ll say we had no choice, but the Trump-haters were right,” she said. “It’s a nightmare.”

Coulter helped drum up support for Trump during the presidential campaign. She even wrote a book titled In Trump We Trust, in which she said she “worshiped” him with “blind loyalty.”

“I have no regrets for ferociously supporting him. What choice did we have?” she asked Sunday. “I don’t apologize. … He said all the right things and nobody else would even say it.”

She said she still believes in “Trumpism” and largely faults the Republican Congress for moving too slowly to make changes. “They are swine.”She called Trump the “last shot,” but then named U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions as someone she might consider supporting in the future.

Coulter was scheduled to speak at the University of California, Berkeley last month in support of crackdowns on undocumented immigrants. She eventually canceled the controversial appearance after a back-and-forth with university officials over security issues.


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