Larua Ingraham Starts New Show, IMMEDIATELY P*Sses Off Media With Her First Words On-Air

By | October 31, 2017

Fox News launched its new primetime lineup this week — and it’s already clear they have a new star.

That star is Laura Ingraham.Image result for Laura Ingraham.A familiar name to most Fox News viewers, Ingraham made waves on conservative radio for her fierce nationalism and support of Donald Trump.

If her first show is any indication, she’s not toning down the rhetoric now that she’s on cable news. She’s as loyal to Trump as ever — and even more committed to middle America.

During a segment titled The Angle, Ingraham laid out her plans for her new 10 o’clock show. Apparently, those plans don’t include cozying up to her new cable news cohorts.

“What [the left are] really resisting is losing power,” Ingraham explained. “The people took their power back on election day and the establishment is mad as hell.”

The establishment have used their power in media to undermine Trump’s success in the White House, but Ingraham made it VERY CLEAR she intends to put the president’s winning record on full display every weeknight at 10pm.

This week, Fox News started their new primetime lineup.

Laura Ingraham will host a new weeknight primetime show on FOX News Channel.Among the conservatives, Laura is quite famous and appreciated.

According to Liberty Writers, she exposed her support towards President Donald Trump and her huge nationalism through her radio show. Laura was one of the most listened women on the radio.Aside her speaking success, she is the author of several New York Times bestsellers and she served as a litigator and Supreme Court law clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas.

In the past, she has been a constant guest on Hannity’s show and “Fox & Friends.”

She will focus towards the middle America, to the everyday citizens and her loyalty towards the president, by explaining his huge success since he was elected.

Laura explained her plans for her new show that will be broadcasted at 10 o’clock. During the show called The Angle, Laura stated: “What [the left are] really resisting is losing power. The people took their power back on election day and the establishment is mad as hell.”

In the past, Ingraham has hosted programs on Fox News and MSNBC, so she is quite familiar with the job.

Laura Ingraham is expected to be very successful, especially because of her statements, which are very different than what the mainstream media is publishing. She is determined to tell the truth, unlike the liberal media.

With this decision, Fox News is expected to face huge success and a significant increase in the ratings. Laura’s voice is well known and valued among the viewers.

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We need to make her new show a success!

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