Steve Scalise Just Gave the Crowd a Holy Miracle at Prayer Breakfast

Steve Scalise Just Gave the Crowd a Holy Miracle at Prayer Breakfast

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House Majority White Representative, Steve Scalise, had some very powerful things to say at National Prayer Breakfast. Scalise is known to be a strong man of faith, famously so following the near-tragic shooting on the baseball field last June during the congressional team’s practice.Image result for Steve ScaliseScalise shares a strong friendship with fellow representative and Democrat, Cedric Richmond, which he believes should serve as a grand example of how the Lord works and operates even when there are disagreements.

“Hopefully it serves as a lesson to all that sure we have differences, but differences are what make our country great. The fact that we’re able to express our faiths that might be different, to fight for the things that we believe in … I think we all want to get to the same place.”

During the midst of what seems to be constant mayhem in Congress, with the budget, Russian investigations, and DACA, Scalise challenges his colleagues to remain steadfast, noting that “we do not check our faith at the door when we enter civic life.”

In support of this message, Richmond praises his friend and addressed the common inquiry as to how they remain so close and amicable despite disagreeing politically eighty-percent of the time,Image result for trump“We don’t disagree on where we want to end up. Most times we disagree on how to get there. Our faith unites us.

Our faith allows us to put purpose first. We put purpose over politics.”

Indeed they have set a prime example of what our leaders should be doing, which is setting aside differences, putting God first, and finding common ground in a respectful manner.

What a true miracle! God has allowed Steve Scalise to push past party designation and participate in bipartisan discussion.

How can we get the Democrats to start praying for bipartisanship?


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