Watch How Liberals React to GOP Tax Plan When They Think It’s the ‘Bernie’ Tax Plan

Watch How Liberals React to GOP Tax Plan When They Think It’s the ‘Bernie’ Tax Plan

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If there’s one thing that truly unites Americans, it’s our disdain for taxes.

Nobody wants to pay them, and many liberals think the rich should have to pay more.

Recently, a film crew went out to find everyday Americans and gave them a copy of the historic tax bill Donald Trump just passed, but it told them it was actually Bernie Sanders’s plan. As you’ll see, Americans may have a disdain for taxes, but they are lacking in tax bill literacy.When asked about the current “Republican Tax Plan,” it was met with your typical replies of It’s going to destroy the middle class.”

But when they began hearing the proposals, they actually loved them and agreed strongly.

“Families making less than $50,000 will pay nothing in taxes.”

“That’s a good plan.”

“He keeps the Obama era tax credits for clean energy.”

“He keeps the Obama-era tax credit? Yeah, Oh one hundred thousand billion percent.”

“What do you think of Bernie’s tax plan?”

“It’s fantastic!”

“Now, what if I tell you this was all in Trump’s tax plan?”

“Oh, this is one of those things?”

Watch the video to see their full reactions. Trust us, you’re gonna enjoy the looks on their faces.
Now, more than ever, it’s easy to have built-in reactions to anything you don’t like. If we can push through the negativity and actually investigate things for ourselves, we’ll find the world isn’t as horrible as some would like us to believe.

Conservative commentator Ami Horowitz recently took to the streets of the “liberal Mecca” East Village to see how die-hard progressives felt about the Republican tax reform bill that Democrats have literally declared “the end of the world.” Horowitz asked several passersby for their reaction to specific measures in the bill and, shockingly, found they they uniformly loved it  well, at least when presented as the “Bernie” tax plan.

“The Republicans recently voted on a new tax proposal, and, predictably, the Democrats didn’t like it,” says Horowitz in the intro of the digital short. “But what if they thought the Republican plan was actually Bernie Sanders’ proposal? We presented them with the Republican tax plan and pretended that it was in fact Bernie’s plan.”

Horowitz begins by asking interviewees, most of whom appear to be millennials, how they feel in general about the Republican tax plan.“I’m going to be honest with you, I feel like this is just another excuse for rich people to get a break on having to pay taxes like the rest of us hardworking people have to pay,” says one guy in a Hella  hat. “It doesn’t have much stuff in it for the middle class working Americans, I think,” says one scarf wearing girl, who adds, “But that’s just what I’ve heard.”

“Seems like the middle class is going to get hit pretty hard here,” says a guy in sunglasses. “Um, they suck  they all suck,” a smiling guy says about the Republicans. “There’s a lot about the current proposed tax plan that’s just ridiculous,” says a dude with an impressive beard.

But when Horowitz presents the details of Bernie’s supposed “competing plan,” which is actually just the maligned Republican plan, all of the interviewees change their tune dramatically.

The people who just blasted the Republicans’ plan tell Horowitz they like the idea of most families of four making $50,000 or less not having to pay any taxes at all, doubling the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000, people with mortgages of over $750,000 having to pay more, keeping the Obama-era clean energy tax credits, and at least one guy even seems okay with the idea that “Bernie” was lowering corporate taxes.

“It’s fantastic,” says beard guy of the “Bernie” plan. “I think that’s a step in the right direction,” says scarf girl. “It’s all just rational with Bernie, and with Trump it’s not,” says a girl in a larger scarf.When Horowitz reveals that he’s just described the Republican plan, most of them agree they’d be willing to give it a closer look now. Media Director Cabot Phillips spoke to students on the campus of The George Washington University, giving them details of President Trump’s tax plan under the guise that it was Bernie Sanders’ to see how they would react to it.

“It’s amazing, this plan was so compassionate, it was caring, it was common sense, but they find out it’s Trump’s plan they say, ‘well, there must be something…that it’s wrong,’” Phillips told Stuart Varney on the FOX Business Network’s “Varney & Co.”


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