WATCH Sarah Huckabee Put This Rude Reporter in Her PLACE for Disrespecting President Trump

WATCH Sarah Huckabee Put This Rude Reporter in Her PLACE for Disrespecting President Trump

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Sarah Huckabee is back today with another on camera press briefing. As usual, reporters were poised to attack but Sarah was not having any of it.Image result for WATCH Sarah Huckabee Put This Rude Reporter in Her PLACE for Disrespecting President TrumpIn a continuation on the feud from yesterday, Kirsten Welker of NBC, pushed Sarah on the on-going spat between Trump and Steve Bannon.

After an eventful evening yesterday with Trump’s lawyers sending cease-and-desist letters to Steve Bannon and Michael Wolff regarding an upcoming book, the reporters would not stop asking about it despite there being much more newsworthy events happening.

“As a candidate, President Trump threatened some 20 lawsuits and followed through with two of them. Why should Steve Bannon and Michael Wolff be concerned?”

Sarah laid it out for her plain and simple.

“I think that regardless of whether there is a lawsuit or not they should be concerned about peddling fake stories. They should be concerned about putting out information that’s not true. They should be concerned about the fact that we are spending all of our time here focused on talking about THIS instead of things that the people in this country care about.”

Then, Kristen said something that BACKFIRED immediately!“Doesn’t this run the risk of increasing book sales by drawing attention to this?”

Sarah scoffed and then gave her a brutal reality check.

“I think you guys are the ones that are drawing the attention. Every question, basically, that I’ve been asked has to do with that. It’s not like I came out here and read excerpts from the book so I don’t think that I would be responsible for the questions that you ask. In fact, if I tried to do that I’m sure I would certainly be attacked for trying.”

These reporters have no shame! Here we have a direct example of reporters spending precious time talking about this book and then accusing Sarah of talking about the book. It’s ridiculous!

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders rules the White House press room like no other press secretary we have seen before her. She isn’t afraid to put the shamelessly liberal members of the media in their respective places, and she’s witty as all get out. Recently, when a reporter rudely interrupted her, she paused briefly and then destroyed him in epic fashion for disrespecting her.

Sarah Sanders returned this week from a whirlwind trip to Asia alongside President Donald Trump, which lasted nearly two weeks and saw the pair visit five Pacific Rim nations. She showed no sign of slowing down upon her return home, though, as the GOP worked tirelessly to get tax reform passed through Congress.

After such an arduous three weeks, Sanders was certainly in no mood to put up with the usual antics of White House reporters. So, when John Decker from Fox News wouldn’t stop interrupting her, she quickly shut him down, having no patience for his irreverent behavior.

Kevin Hassett, the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, joined Sanders at the Friday press conference to discuss the tax reform bills moving through Congress at the moment, according to The White House. After Hassett was done with his question and answer session, Sanders took the podium to answer some questions of her own.Image result for Sarah Huckabee angryOf course, many of the reporters were still stuck on the Roy Moore allegations, completely ignoring the more recent allegations against Democratic Senator Al Franken, but Sanders told them that she had already answered fifteen questions on Roy Moore the day before and that President Trump had already made his statement on the matter.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has received a wide array of sexual misconduct questions from the briefing room podium in recent days.


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